Frenchman's Bay, Maine

Frenchman's Bay, Maine

Friday, September 12, 2008

Up the Mosel

A few photos from a drive up the Mosel River valley several weeks ago:

We ran into a group of American bicyclists who were cruising the river on a barge and taking day trips ashore. They were mostly in their late sixties and seventies, it appeared--all of them fitted out in spandex gear and cycling shoes. Hope I'm as energetic at that age.

For lunch, we followed a Rick Steves suggestion, and ate at Restaurant Haus Lipmann in Beilstein. Wonderful mushroom soup and an even better view of the water!

The grapes were just ripening, and I couldn't resist plucking one or two (or more). Still plenty left for the wineries and the birds.

ps. Click on the top photo, it's got lots of detail--that's the town of Cochem.


Judy in Indiana said...

I am going to put your book on my list of must haves, it looks beautiful and I really want to read it!

Rick Steves? I used to watch him all the time! I wonder if he still has show as I have not seen him lately. I would follow most any instruction he would give about what to do or where to eat. He seems like such a nice guy who would never steer you wrong.

Rising said...

How beautiful! Such a perfect time of year. Our neighbours are heading down that way for a vineyard tour. Looks like a trip we should plan.

Africakid said...

We laugh sometimes at all the tourists carrying around Rick's book, so avoid carrying it ourselves (since we don't want to stick out)--but he does give good restaurant suggestions.

Hope you get to the Mosel yourself in the future! I would love to go biking there myself--we mostly hiked, but two wheels would be such a great way to see the valley.