Frenchman's Bay, Maine

Frenchman's Bay, Maine

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Ichabod Crane

For your viewing pleasure, a photo of Ichabod, the Crested Crane. He lived on our mission station in Burundi and followed us around. I just have a few memories of Ichabod. Here he is, paying a royal visit to our sandbox--that's me in the back and Annie Stewart (with curls) up front.

These birds are beautiful, with a golden corn-tassel type of adornment on top of their heads and striking black, white and red facial features. My photo's not in color, but look here for a glimpse of the Crested Crane's full glory.


Ruth said...

Wow! He is stunning. What a good picture, even in b&w.

Anonymous said...

Indeed, a beautiful bird! I would love to be that close to one.

KGMom said...

What a neat photo--you kids just look up at the crested crane as if "well, doesn't everyone have one of these sitting on the side of the sandbox?"
Love it!

Africakid said...

I always like your bird photos and shots of native plants! I'm glad my folks took this picture too.

Funny poetry girl,
Maybe someday you can visit Africa and see the Crested Crane (or find one in a zoo otherwise). Glad you stopped by.

Ichabod was just another fixture around the station. Only now do I realize how unusual it was to have a tame crane watching over us!