Frenchman's Bay, Maine

Frenchman's Bay, Maine

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

My Latest Bicycle Sightings

Caught sight of a man with a white curly beard, a la "Father Christmas," out riding his bicycle tonight. He was holding a wooden pipe as he pedaled past me, and took a few leisurely puffs as he rolled down the lane. He looked quite at home sitting on his Fahrrad, smoking that pipe!

A few weeks ago, right in front of our row house, I saw a mom on a bike, teaching her little girl to ride a training bike. Many folks here ride around with their small dog (or dogs) in a basket attached to the bicycle. So, guess what? This girl had a miniature basket on back, with her own dog riding along...

A plastic German Shepherd.

Wish I'd gotten a picture.


Ruth said...

There is a man who rides by the hospital every day on his bike, pulling a little trailer on which his large dog sits. The man has a grumpy look on his face and I never have had enough nerve to snap a picture. I may need to hide behind a bush someday...

Africakid said...

Ha ha, I can just visualize you lurking behind the bush with your camera. Do it!

KGMom said...

Awww--me too--wish you had gotten a picture.
I think bicycles will become more fashionable in the U.S. as gas prices stay high.

Judy in Indiana said...

Dancing matt really gets around. I want to be with him, he looks like he has fun when he travels.

Neighbor kids here ride with their stuffed animals.I'll have to get photos!

Africakid said...

I've seen people here carrying LONG ladders on their bikes (watch out ahead!) and all types of things. Definitely fuel efficient.

I want to follow Matt around too. He actually sets up places over the internet for people to meet him when he's filming another dance--wouldn't it be great to join in?