Frenchman's Bay, Maine

Frenchman's Bay, Maine

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Not Too Picky

I thought I'd tell you an old story about Murphy.

A few years ago, Anna was in our bathroom flossing her teeth. The floss stuck in a tight spot, and Anna tugged hard, only to feel her entire filling give way. It popped out of her mouth and onto the bathroom floor.

Before Anna could react, Murphy dashed in and grabbed her filling off the floor. Then he swallowed it.

It all took place too fast for me to process. When Anna told me what'd happened, I could only say "Yuck. Disgusting."

Our dog is not a picky eater. I hate to think what would happen with an entire set of dentures.


Betsy said...

Man! And I thought OUR dog was gross!

KGMom said...

Oh this is too funny--with a strong yuck factor. The fact that dogs will "eat anything" is born out by many a dog owner who watches with horror/regret as the dog gobbles up unknown stuff on the street, the sidewalk, the yard--wherever.

Judy in Indiana said...

That is a funny story, and no, I would not go look to see if it came out already. Thankfully, I am not so poor as to have to re use an old filling.

Angela said...

OMG -that's so funny!

Africakid said...

Murphy is so quick to snatch up anything that falls to the floor, I have to be extra careful not to spill if I'm tipping pills out of a bottle--Murphy'd grab and swallow without hesitation, and some people meds would be fatal for him...

Oh, the joys of a dog!