Frenchman's Bay, Maine

Frenchman's Bay, Maine

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Words I Love / Laugh At / Enjoy

Winkle -- As in, "We'll just winkle that oyster right out of its shell." -- mainly British.

Earbob -- I heard someone from the South refer to their earring as an "earbob" -- great word!

Noggin -- As in, "Get that through your noggin, kiddo."

Frabjous, beamish-- See Lewis Carroll's poem, "Jabberwocky," for more inventive words.

Cobalt -- Interesting fact: the name "Cobalt blue" comes from Middle High German kobolt = an underground goblin (cobalt was thought to be detrimental to silver ores).

Glimmer, shimmer --I like the sounds of these words.

Gnarled -- Ditto.

Flim-flam -- "Don't let the flim-flam man sell you a gold watch..."

Belly button -- Innie or outie?

Dingle -- "The night above the dingle starry" -- from Fern Hill

Snickerdoodle -- Mmm, nothing like snickerdoodles hot from the oven.

Quicksilver -- Originally referred to mercury, the only metal that's liquid at room temperatures.

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Funny Poetry Girl said...

Great words! I love talking to other writers about words. (I can't talk to my husband about words-his eyes glaze over.) Some of my favorites are: jubilee, cappuccino, twinkle/sparkle, tickle, bobbin, and slippery.

Africakid said...

Funny Poetry Girl,
Nice choices! Bobbin has such a great sound. I like talking words with "word people" too.
Another one I like is: lollipop.