Frenchman's Bay, Maine

Frenchman's Bay, Maine

Sunday, November 02, 2008

French Pastries and Other Edibles

It's easy to visit France from here--less than an hour across the border by car. So last week, we took a brief trip to Colmar. French food is always one of the highlights, for me! Brought home some saucisse croquante (translation: crunchy sausage) from the butcher shop.

Vineyards were harvesting the last of their grapes. Each little village was filled with loads of tourists sampling new wine and snacking on tarte flambee.

But bakeries are the best part of any French excursion. In this photo, I only captured a third of all the pastries displayed. Works of art, all of them.


Ruth said...

Those pastries are works of art that I would enjoy sampling!

adrienne said...

I'm betting "crunchy sausage" is better than it sounds. Nice photos!

Africakid said...

Believe me, I partook fully in those works of art. All for art's sake, of course. ; )

The sausage wasn't really crunchy, even though the name would imply otherwise. Very tasty!
Thanks for visiting my blog.