Frenchman's Bay, Maine

Frenchman's Bay, Maine

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Help Save The Children Of Burundi

When I walked into our front yard in Burundi, I'd sometimes find big squares of brown sack-cloth with coffee beans drying on top of them. And then later, I'd smell the coffee beans roasting. What a great aroma. I remember begging Mom and Dad to give me just one cup of coffee...please! They finally promised I could try it when I turned ten years old -- hoping, I think, that I'd forget their promise or eventually lose interest. But when June rolled around, I claimed my cup of caffeine, filled to the brim with strong brew and milk. Good memories.

Here's an easy way to help the children of Burundi while you enjoy a good cup of coffee:

“In Burundi malaria and malnutrition kill more than 23% of all children before they reach the age of five! World Relief is working hard to saturate a community of 243,000 people in central Burundi with simple health messages to prevent these senseless deaths. Volunteers are taught health lessons every two weeks, and they pass along the life-saving information to their neighbors. Due to a generous matching grant, your gift will be matched three times by another donor!”

Simply visit this Web site and purchase a couple bags of coffee. They’ll give 33% of your purchase price to “Save the children of Burundi” and you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing your coffee not only tastes good, it does good.

I'm thinking this is a good option for Christmas gifts. Yeah?

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