Frenchman's Bay, Maine

Frenchman's Bay, Maine

Monday, January 29, 2007

Six Weird Things

OK, Betsy tagged me to write six weird things about myself. I had to think about this for awhile, since I can't reveal my full weirdness or you might not come back again. Then again, maybe you'd feel as if you're in good company...

Six things about me:
1. My toes are so long that my brother called me “Monkey Toes” growing up (personally, I think they help me keep my balance – for instance, in standing yoga poses).

2. Growing up, I ate flying ants that we caught outside our house in Burundi and then pan-fried. They were actually pretty good with oil and salt.

3. I spend more time on the computer than my teenage daughter. She thinks this is completely against the natural order of life.

4. Rather than squash spiders, I carry them outside the house and let them go. Don’t ask me how I reconcile this behavior with Fact # 2.

5. I despise Hummers and stretch limousines. But I do like the look of Smart Cars. My nephew, Josiah, laughed hysterically the first time he glimpsed a Smart Car on the German autobahn. That’s when I realized how normal they’d begun to look to me.

6. Sometimes I inadvertently come out with strange words – saying goodnight to Anna, I called her my “Chunkin…” (a mix-up between Chickadee and Punkin). Now we use it as a teasing nickname for each other, despite the image it conjures up of someone chunkier than a pumpkin.

Consider yourself tagged if you read this and haven't already blogged about it. And make sure to put a note in the comments!


Ruth said...

2. Most anything is edible with enough oil and salt (think McDonalds)
3. Had 3 teenaged daughters at one time...had to have 3 computers
5. Smart Cars are really catching in here. Not family friendly, but cute.
6. Those are called Spoonerisms. One of my favourites that emerged in our household is cheam creese for cream cheese.

Fun weirdness....!

Betsy said...

These are GREAT! S and B got a special kick out of #2! And you and I seem to have numbers 3, 4, 5 and 6 in common!

When I was a kid once I saw someone on a show who could write with her feet-- she gripped the pen with her toes. I tried and tried but never managed to do it myself. Can you write your name with your monkey toes? :-)

don't eat alone said...

I remember those flying ants. I liked them too.


Holly said...

I love #6. I called my kids "sweetsie-cola", "ben-jemima", "sunshine-rainbow-lollipop-sprinkles" and more. Fun post!

Anonymous said...

Okay sis ~ hands down ~ you are weirdest of the clan! ; D

Love ya,