Frenchman's Bay, Maine

Frenchman's Bay, Maine

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Angel Faces!

Jeff and I drove Anna to the Wilhelma Zoo in Stuttgart yesterday. (Yes, I did wonder if I'd run across you there, Betsy) It was a sunny, gorgeous day, and at the very end of the afternoon we watched a sea lion show and feeding. Looking back at my pictures from yesterday, though, I didn't focus on the animals, but on the observers. An entire row of angel faces! Just love their expressions, sandwiched between pink snowflake hats and layers of winter clothing. Makes me want to remember what I enjoyed at this age. Probably climbing trees. How about you?


Betsy said...

Didn't you see me in the menschenaffen display? ;-)

Isn't the zoo fabulous? We were there over Christmas break and really enjoyed it-- I was amazed when we got to the outer perimeter and saw the busy street through the trees! It's so peaceful inside and you would never know that it's in the middle of a major city!

Next time you're coming down this way give me a call so that we can "do coffee", or something!

Ruth said...

I would have enjoyed doing exactly what these children are doing. A zoo is such an exciting place for a child. At this age, I had been to a couple of big game reserves in South Africa, but that was a long time ago. ;)

Africakid said...

LOL Betsy, no, but we saw lots of little gorillas swinging around. Don't know when I'll be down there again, but it would be fun to meet!

Ruth, I liked the health ideas and recipes on your blog. Thanks for visiting!