Frenchman's Bay, Maine

Frenchman's Bay, Maine

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

I hiked the hills above Heidelberg with a group of women this morning. As a reward for the relatively steep three miles uphill, we ate at a restaurant near the ruins of St. Michael's monastery. The two accompanying dogs came in with us; another thing I like about Germany--dogs are allowed in most restaurants, hotels, and even can get their own ticket (discounted, of course) for trains. Although, I haven't seen here yet what I observed in France: a dog dressed in fancy collar and multiple ribbons, walking in procession with the bride and groom to a wedding.
Saw this poster down at the bottom of the hill and liked it!


Ruth said...

Your winter looks very mild. You are at a higher latitude than we are in south western Ontario, Canada, but you have no snow on the ground. Your deciduous trees are bare though (nice picture)

Betsy said...

Are you experiencing a winter wonderland today as well?

I got tagged by Astrid to write six very cool facts about myself on my blog. Which I did. and now I've tagged you, so YOU'RE IT! :-)

olmue said...

How close are you to the Bergstrasse/Odenwald area? I have roots back there, and when I went to visit a few years ago I found it very beautiful!! We drove by Heidelberg on our way to Heppenheim , and I wanted to stop. It looked cool.

Nice pictures!

Anonymous said...

HEY GIRL and fellow schlepper up the Berg!
Great blog, can't wait to read more. Like you eye.

Thanks for the "THIN" photos of me and publishing my buddy Clover!