Frenchman's Bay, Maine

Frenchman's Bay, Maine

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Like A Child

A few days ago, I bought a children's song book in German from the local thrift store--and I've enjoyed browsing through it, recognizing words here and there, looking up many others in my handy compact dictionary. It's easier for me to retain new words when I see them printed, with an illustration alongside as reinforcement. Hence, picture books make up a big chunk of my new Deutsch library! (a great excuse to continue buying them, now that my youngest is thirteen in April...).

A few of the books I have in German:
*Meine allererste Bibel -- My First Bible
*Die Entdeckung -- The Discovery (a graphic novel from the Anne Frank Haus)
*Mein Schneemann -- The Snowman (a wordless book by Raymond Briggs; ok, this one is purely for the illustrations!)
*Madeleine -- good old Madeleine, she sounds a bit different when she's speaking German instead of French

Now, I need to find a good children's poetry book in German. Any suggestions? Ideally, one that's originally been written in German, not translated from English or another language. I guess the best place I can start is by asking my neighbors, "what did your mom and dad read to you when you were growing up?"

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