Frenchman's Bay, Maine

Frenchman's Bay, Maine

Friday, February 10, 2006

Strolling the Hauptstrasse

I live near the German town of Heidelberg. Quite a beautiful place, with the Neckar River running through the middle, plenty of cobblestone streets, old churches, and bicyclists. And perched on a hilltop above the Old Town sits Heidelberg Schloss (castle) in all its ruined glory. It's always fun to walk in downtown Heidelberg, people-watching and stopping at the backerei for Brotchen or Vollkorn Brot.

Today I met a friend and we went out for Indian food. I was overjoyed, because since David left for college, it's been hard to find someone who appreciates spicy hot food as much as he does! Vegetable curry and hot milky chai, along with good conversation... Afterwards, I shopped for Valentine's day, I've already sent care packages off to college for the two older kids, but there are still my youngest and Jeff to consider. Galeria Kaufhof store had scads of chocolate, and I spent a few euros there after deliberating-- will it be the extra bitter Hachez bars, the creamy Lindt truffles, or maybe some Guylian chocolate seashells?

All in all, a nice day. I think I need to do this more often.

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see-through faith said...

glad you had a good day out. I went out with friends last night for a pre-valentine get together - celebrating friendship and realisd that I should do this much more often