Frenchman's Bay, Maine

Frenchman's Bay, Maine

Monday, February 06, 2006

Objects in Our Desk Drawer

A random sampling of items from our middle desk drawer (next to the computer):
1. Celestial Seasonings tin with alphabet beads inside
2. Metallic silver Sharpie pen
3. Old USA 32 cent stamp picturing the Statue of Liberty
4. Business card for Hundepension REGENBOGEN (dog kennel in Schwanheim)
5. UnderArmour keychain
6. One shilling piece from Republic of Kenya bearing Moi's profile
7. "Four Paws" doggie thumb toothbrush
8. 125V/250V black adapter plug with Chinese instructions
9. Fake fly in plastic ice cube
10. Stainless steel lab tweezers from my father's medical office
11. Two Rico clarinet reeds and a cloth clarinet swab
12. Kickstand grease
13. Drug company's logo--"Doxidan in the P.M. for a B.M. in the A.M."
14. Judo (or TaiKwanDo?) pin from Atlanta Olympics 1996
15. Box of 100 "Non-Skid" Jumbo Gem paper clips

That was amusing, found quite a few things I'd forgotten about! I'll pocket the icecube and slip it into Anna's glass of water at supper. She's our child who loves to buy sneeze powder and pretend blood and all that good stuff. Turnabout is fair play...

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