Frenchman's Bay, Maine

Frenchman's Bay, Maine

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Walkabout Grand Finale

I’ve truly enjoyed my role as Walkabout Ambassador for Weil Footwear the last 28 days. Today is officially the final day of the Walkabout, but I plan to keep walking and stay in touch with the other ambassadors, who are spread across the US!

Some of the benefits I've received from the Walkabout:

First, I find it easier to stay motivated when I’m surrounded by others who love to get out and pound the pavement or hike park trails. During the last four weeks I received encouragement from forty-plus virtual walking buddies!

Also, I appreciated the Walkabout emphasis on simplicity--all I needed was an excellent pair of walking shoes. No pressure to buy a gym membership, lots of spandex, or an expensive treadmill. My only crucial piece of equipment? Some extra comfortable shoes (provided by Weil Footwear, but now that I see how comfortable they are, I'll be replacing them when this pair wears out).

Another thing I love about walking is how it keeps me closer to nature and the changing seasons. In our Western cities, a relatively new phenomenon called nature deficit disorder is emerging. Richard Louv, who coined the term, says “The more high-tech our lives become, the more nature we need.” Lots of folks in the medical world are beginning to support the idea that time spent outdoors contributes to our overall health.

Murphy and I challenge you to get out and walk in the month of May! If you live in the Vancouver/Portland area, message me and we can meet on the waterfront for an invigorating stroll.


Cat said...

Have fun walking with Murphy. I am going to keep walking too. I am in Virginia. Hope you get in touch with some walking friends there. I will walk and post in May so come back to see my blog. Faye H

Laurie Cutter said...

Faye, thanks! I'll keep an eye on your blog. Happy continued walking!