Frenchman's Bay, Maine

Frenchman's Bay, Maine

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Murphy Chicken-Legs

One of the family nicknames for our dog is "Murphy Chicken-Legs." If you look even briefly at his photo, you'll see why. Murphy has such cute drumsticks!

Don't know if he's double-jointed or what--but it makes me chuckle when Murphy spreads out on the floor like this. Our tabby cat, Seashell (God rest his soul), used to do it all the time, but I didn't know dogs were as flexible.

Maybe he should take up yoga.

And just because I think it's funny, a bonus link for you:
"A Cure For Chicken Legs" from Men's Fitness. Found it when I googled chicken legs.

Another website offers Gummy Chicken Legs Candy. I quote their ad: "Nothing hits the spot more than a hearty candy chicken leg!" Uh-huh.

OK. That's enough.


Danielle "the evil daughter" said...

I love that the secret is out. Seashell is in fact not happily frolicking on a farm, but in fact was savagely eaten by wolves. It is good that Anna knows, she can move on and stop praying for him each night.

Dan Brose said...

... and one wishes the same fate for all such evil feline creatures that roam the face of this earth! (Dan "the evil brother" sayeth so ...)

Africakid said...

I'm restraining myself from chastising both of you.

Judy in Indiana said...

I hae never seen a dog do this! He looks very funny. You gotta love a dog with personality!

KGMom said...

Hey, my dog lies like that. We call it frog-dog.
Chicken legs, huh? I will have to call our dog that, and see how she responds.