Frenchman's Bay, Maine

Frenchman's Bay, Maine

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

In Marrakesh

I love the colors in these carpets. No one drugged our mint tea and tried to steal our money in the carpet stores (contrary to a few dire warnings I'd received regarding Moroccan merchants).

The light, the light. Made it easier to take good photos, that's for sure.

Don't you feel sorry for the poor horse?


Ruth said...

The pictures are excellent but I particularly like the one with the carpets and scooter. It is perfectly composed and is so interesting.

Betsy said...

These pictures are gorgeous, Laurie! Hope you enjoyed your trip!

Anonymous said...

I thrive on your diary-like makes you seem closer. luv, mom

Judy in Indiana said...

There used to be a Morroccan restaurant here in the middle of Indiana. You would sit on big pillows on the floor and be served about 7 courses and always have mint tea. Oh, I looooove mint tea with sugar/sweetener. I did my best to keep them in business, but they were only here for a few years. i still drink mint tea and just looove it. Did I say that enough?

Murphy is such a pretty dog. I wonder if he is as soft and fluffy as he looks. I just want to scratch his ears and kiss him on his nose.

How is Morrocco? I want to go. well, I want to go everywhere. Does it seem African to you? Or more middle eastern? Inquiring minds want to know.

Africakid said...

Thanks, I like the carpets and scooter too--just rounded the corner and happened upon them! Wish I could have brought a rug or two home.

I did like Morocco quite a bit, especially away from the chaotic and crazy center of town (although the market is a "must-see"). And the sunny weather was a big plus.

You impress me, keeping up with the digital age. And soon we'll be even closer to you!

Actually, Morocco seems more middle Eastern to me--with the Arabic language and desert terrain. I bet you'd enjoy it, drinking mint tea to your heart's content!
Oh, and Murphy sends you kisses.