Frenchman's Bay, Maine

Frenchman's Bay, Maine

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

A Tragedy In One Act

Tragedy strikes.

My youngest daughter, who is blind as a bat (like me), cracked her glasses down the center last night. Duct tape currently holds the two halves together, but isn't high on a teen's fashion I'm hoping the optician can rig up some type of short-term rescue.



Ruth said...

Our twins got their first glasses at age 7. I remember one bad year when one of them broke hers three times in one summer. We always paid for the warranty.

Carmiña said...

Laurie I thoght that glasses today don't broke. Organic glasses.
My husband use it and he's happy with it.

Maybe the following information that I find could help you
Lighter-weight Lenses

If you want your eyeglasses to be lighter in weight then you should use organic lenses. The organic lenses are much lighter then the crystals and they also do not break. If you use to do sports with your eyeglasses then it is neccessary to use the organic lenses for protection purposes. The same is valid also for kids.

The disadvantage of the organic lenses is that they might need to be replaced more often because they tent to get scrached more easily than the crystals. That depents of course on the use that you make of your eyeglasses. There is a special antiscrach treatment for the organic lenses to avoid the scraches on the lenses' surface. This treatment helps very much but the inorganic lenses have still a harder surface than the organic ones.

The refractive index of the organic lenses can reach the 1,7 therefore they can be as thin as the 1,7 crystals. But the crystals can get much thinner, because we have inorganic materials with a refractive index up to 1,9. That means that the organic lenses can't be as thin as the inorganic ones.

The antireflective coatings can be done also on the organic lenses in order to be clearer and better looking.

it's from:

Africakid said...

We learned the hard way to get warranties! I'm sure they paid off many times over for you, especially with twins.

Fortunately, Anna broke the middle part of her frames...not the eyepiece. But she still has to get new glasses. The "organic" type sounds like a good choice.

POTASH said...

Okay... a writer, how nice. So how did you end up growing up in Africa... missionary kid?

Africakid said...


Yes, an mk. I wemt back and visited Kenya, Rwanda and Burundi in 2002. Wish I could have spent a little more time!
Thanks for stopping by.