Frenchman's Bay, Maine

Frenchman's Bay, Maine

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The Bologna Children's Book Fair

Tomorrow I'm off to the Bologna Book Fair -- and the SCBWI Bologna conference. First time to attend, and I'm excited.

I'm rooming with two writers I've only met online, which is another first for me. One of them emailed me a few weeks ago, "You're not an axe murderer, by any chance?" I emailed her back, "I have a nice machete collection, but no axes." So that should banish any worries.

Also, I'll meet up with Angela, Natalie, and a few other people from Verla Kay's board. When I return, I'll blog more about the bookfair and the city of Bologna. Ciao!


Judy in Indiana said...

I am going to Detroit, Michigan to meet someone I "know" onlne and we are driving 6 hours through Canada to meet another online friend and craft.

Maybe I am not so good for my kids...all the "don't talk to strangers, don't give out personal info...." stuff. At least I know that I am NOT an axe murderer, and I suspect they are not, as they do not have blood in the background of the crafty items they post and blog about.

Africakid said...

Ha ha! Maybe they sponged the blood out very carefully...(cue for sinister cackle).

My youngest daughter thinks I'm terrible--she cautioned me to meet them in a public place first--which is wise, at times.

andsewitis Holly said...

Last summer I initiated first in-person contact with a quilter friend I had known online and my kids said the same thing about how did I know she wasn't an axe murderer. *hehe* I know you will have a great time a the book fair.

Betsy said...

You've got a machete collection too? Yet another interest we share!!!!

Hope you have a blast at the convention and look forward to the update when you get back...

Africakid said...

Holly -- I had a great time at the bookfair. And my roommates turned out to be quite nice, as I'd expected. No bloodletting involved!

Betsy -- What shall we collect next, various types of scalpels? My father would contribute a few if I asked him nicely (he's a retired surgeon).