Frenchman's Bay, Maine

Frenchman's Bay, Maine

Monday, September 10, 2007

My Saturday Entertainment

I took part in my first Volksmarch on Saturday -- we started in Heidelberg, walking 10 kilometers up into the hills above the city and then back down. Quite an idyllic view up top. Reminded me of Switzerland, with cows grazing and green pastures.
I also made a sidetrip into the World War One cemetery (with Kelly, who likes taking pictures too). Sobering, seeing the names engraved on grave markers. So many fallen soldiers, so many stone crosses.
After the Volksmarch, I claimed my prize for finishing: a large beer stein with a picture of Heidelberg's Königstuhl. I enjoy a few sips of beer, but that's all. Guess I'll have to use it for Orangina ... I know, sacrilege for those true beer fans.


Laura said...

DANG!!! I missed a Volksmarch in H-berg!!!

Glad you got to enjoy it for me.


andsewitis Holly said...

Volkswalking sounds like so much fun. I see them (Volkswalkers) around all the time. Keep posting about future walks. Love the picture of the grave markers. Thanks for sharing.

Natalie said...

This reminded me of Volksmarches I used to do with my family when I was a kid...we lived on a U.S. Air Force base (Bitburg), and did quite a few Volksmarches...I still have the medals from some of them. Thanks for bringing back nice memories. :-)

anno said...

Wonderful pictures! I miss my volksmarsching days as well.

These pictures remind me of an area where we used to visit friends in Hugelsheim -- any chance you were in the same vicinity?