Frenchman's Bay, Maine

Frenchman's Bay, Maine

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Pawing Through Old Photos

I'm rummaging through boxes of old photos, and thought I'd post a few pictures from younger days--Laurie and friends holding new puppies (a mix of our dachshund and the local basenji breeds).

Burundian women carrying loads of firewood and produce home from market--notice their excellent posture! Also, I now realize how much strength it takes to carry those loads any distance. Amazing.


Holly said...

Great pictures. Would you get pinched a lot? Indonesians, especially the ones in the interior that hadn't seen a white person before, would constantly pinch me on the arms. Like - yes, I'm real!

Betsy said...

Hey! My comment disappeared! I was just thinking that a dachshund / Basenji mix was funny. Every breed has it's special characteristics and you might get a very lovely animal or you might end up with a hyperactive yodeling hole-digging fiend with back problems...

And then I thought of this post sunday when I saw a man being dragged through Herrenberg by a dachshund and a basenji. What are the odds?

Africakid said...

Holly -- Never got pinched. But I did get held by everyone and their mother (lots of TLC!).

Betsy -- I can't believe you saw a dachsie/basenji mix...maybe one of the great-great-grandchildren of a descendant of ours?

Anonymous said...

Laurie, I've just opened your blog page for the first time. A great way to keep in touch when you return to Germany.
I especially enjoyed the picture of the little blonde with your African friends. Thanks, Eleanor