Frenchman's Bay, Maine

Frenchman's Bay, Maine

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Jeff and I have been discussing a few intense topics lately: where we might live in the future, types of jobs to consider, family finances, etc. Our discussions are helpful; however, I'm feeling the desire to mix a bit of lightness and humor into our daily lives. Jeff and I need to laugh more on a regular basis, especially with each other.

I like watching comedies with Jeff, and he reads the funnies from the newspaper to me on Sunday. We chuckle together about silly quirks in people, and the odd habits of our corgi.

My big question, thrown out into the blogosphere—
What ways have you found to laugh together in your relationship with a friend or family member? I’d love to hear some fresh ideas. Please leave suggestions in the comments below. Remember, you can sign in as Other, you don’t need a Blogger account to comment.


don't eat alone said...

One summer a few years back, Ginger came home with a bag of toys -- sidewalk chalk, Super Soaker water guns, a jump rope, and a few other things -- and anounced we needed some toys for the summer. We still keep the basket and have great fun together over the years.


Laura said...

Well, laughter ia huge part of my life...either at or with me. ;)

When stressed on a long car ride I like to take along a tin of Altoids...."they're extra strong"..then I spend the next hour or so seeing how many I can eat at one time with out screaming.

My husband finds this most amusing.

beth said...

Well, I'm usually on this with my kids, which is a bit different...but we SING. We make up songs. Those of us who play an instrument get to accompany ourselves, and the others just make up bizarre rhymes.

My youngest son just started contributing in the last few days; he likes to make up songs about his big sister's boyfriend...

It's really funny and we laugh - loudly. Then we try to sing along with rap songs and disgust one another.

There you go!

Africakid said...

Milton--the next hot spell, we're breaking out the water guns!

Laura--how do your teeth survive all that crunching?

Beth--we're not great singers, but maybe that would make it even funnier!

Thanks for sending ideas. Sometimes it helps to have a "jumpstart" from others.