Frenchman's Bay, Maine

Frenchman's Bay, Maine

Monday, June 04, 2007

My Grandma Hartung

I've been thinking about Grandma Hartung lately. She loved to sit down for a nice hot cup of tea with me in the afternoon, after first setting a timer for the teabag to steep--"Brew it five minutes, Laurie dear." Also, whenever I see Aplets and Cotlets at the store, in all their gummy, sugary goodness, I remember Gram. A sure-fire way to please her? Bring a few boxes for a gift. And maybe a new book of crossword puzzles. I miss her.

What Grandma said about her parents:

"Dad didn't have any say about anything mean or hateful. He was kind. My mother had to do the whipping. Dad wouldn't have laid a stick to anybody..."

"Mother moved every year, and always lived in an upstairs flat. She wasn't satisfied with anything--Mother was a funny woman."


Ginger said...

She sounds like a fun lady. Any lady who demands Aplets & Cotlets is a woman of good taste. ;)

Beth said...

I've been thinking of Grandma lately too...I went to the nurse practitioner today to see if I have rosacea just like Grandma...Josiah still drives her sporty Acura...and Dad was recently reading those mystery novels that Grandma know, "O is Ornitholgy" or however they go...she is missed and wonderful to have known and love.

jledmiston said...


I miss mine too. She used to marvel at my kids' senses of humor.

"Wish I'd had funny kids," she'd say. (My mother wasn't very funny.)