Frenchman's Bay, Maine

Frenchman's Bay, Maine

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

The King Does Come

The title above is from Frederick Buechner's writing--the June 13th entry in his book, Listening to Your Life. I really needed to hear his words today, a day when I'm wondering again, "what are you doing in my life, God, and where are you?"

Buechner writes: The day will come when all the voices that were ever raised...will be permanently stilled. But when that day comes, I believe that the tumbled stones will cry aloud of the great, deep hope that down through the centuries has been the one reason for having churches at all...the hope that into the world the King does come. And in the name of the Lord. And is always coming, blessed be he. And will come afire with glory, at the end of time.

A bit later he adds: Make our stone hearts cry out thy kingship. Make us holy and human at last that we may do the work of thy love.

To that, I say amen, and amen again. What I love about Buechner--he writes of immense joy and wonder, but he doesn't shy away from the horrible, awful, hard things in life. And He leads me ultimately towards God with his words. No one can do better than that.

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