Frenchman's Bay, Maine

Frenchman's Bay, Maine

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Costa Rica Adventure

Last month, my father took me and my sister Beth to Costa Rica with him. We went during the rainy season, but fortunately, didn't see much rain until the last two days.

A morning at the butterfly garden. Every color you might imagine, airborne.

Did I mention that we visited the mud baths?

Cartwheel painting is a tradition here.

The crocodiles at Tarcoles River--we stayed our distance. No messing with these critters.


Angela said...

What a wonderful experience!!
I love the mud picture & the beautiful soft blog colors!

Ruth said...

Smearing oneself with mud is such fun. Everyone looks so happy. I wouldn't be so happy to in the mud by that crocodile.

Anonymous said...

Laurie you are adorable! So glad you had time with your pops and sis ... We should all be so fortunate, and in Costa Rica no less!!!!

Carmiña said...

Hi Laurie!
It seems that you had a lot of fun with the mud

KGMom said...

The mud baths photo is a hoot.
The purpose? Soothing? Cooling? Healing? Insect retardant?
It just looks like camoflauge.