Frenchman's Bay, Maine

Frenchman's Bay, Maine

Sunday, April 26, 2009


The strange ways of engineers.

Jeff's work group has declared Monday to be a Jellopalooza day. This means they need to bring in all types of Jello dishes--the weirder, the better. One of the guys Jeff works with has a favorite recipe for Jello mixed with bits of Spam.

See what I mean?

He asked me if I had any ideas for Jello creations, but I have vowed to never eat Jello again--must have overdosed on it in my youth. I do remember pouring an entire box of the stuff over vanilla ice cream and eating it. Thought it a delicacy back then. Ugh!

Any thoughts are welcome. Jello jigglers are a possibility. But not Jello shots; they need to finish the work day in a sober frame of mind.


Ginger said...

The weirder the better, you said? My mom used to make jello salad (some citrus flavor, I think) with grated carrots and tinned pineapple chunks in it. It was actually quite good!

Judy in Indiana said...

Does jello brand pudding mix count? I have a state fair award winning cream pie recipe made with pudding mix.

Rumor has it that Atlanta used to have a restaurant that served all their foods made with jello products in it. We never located it, though, on our trips through the town.

Also, people in Utah consume more jello than people in any other state. Maybe they have tons of church pitch ins?