Frenchman's Bay, Maine

Frenchman's Bay, Maine

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I Know I've Lived In Germany For Awhile When...

*My child says, "Let's skip the castle. Can we go to the park instead?"

*Apple juice and other drinks taste better without ice.

*Listening to the latest Stau report on the radio, I can't remember the American word for Stau (traffic jam).

*I wait to mow the lawn until afternoon quiet hours are done.

*It isn't incongruous to see an eighty year old woman with perfectly styled hair, fancy blouse, and skirt riding a bicycle down the cobblestones (dangling her Sunday purse on the handlebars).

*The local cult of Spargel-adoration doesn't seem quite as silly anymore. In fact, it's kind of endearing.

Spargel = white asparagus, or as I call it, albino asparagus.

Photo is of David and Anna in the nearby town of Schwetzingen, where this sculpture honors the region's spargel crop .

How do you know you've lived somewhere (whether Germany or otherwise) for awhile?


Betsy said...

...your kid wears socks and sandals out of the house and you actually let him do it! :-D

Angela said...

I don't know what the yellow line is on the middle of the highways in the US. 55 mph even 65 mph (okay 75 and 85 too) seems VERY SLOW!

I don't ever expect anything to be open any time I shop. And I know what the middle line on the road is for --- it's a new lane (with the amazing physical ability for cars to travel this lane in oppoiste directions).
I must drink strong coffee after every meal.

I must eat rice or bread after every meal. It doesn't phase me to walk down the street amidst motorbikes, cars, and livestock. When I'm in a new town and see a group of people pointing my way, I turn around to see what their looking at.... before realizing that I am the main attraction.

Love your post and the cool photo of your kids with the sculpture!

Natalie said...

Love the afternoon quiet hours example--so true in Italy, as well!

I know I've lived in Italy for awhile when...
...I stop at red lights and forget I can turn right. (The driver behind me usually reminds me!)
...I have to remind myself that stop signs are not yield signs in the U.S.
...American shopping carts feel like SUV's compared to the mini-Rover Italian carts.

Great post! :-)