Frenchman's Bay, Maine

Frenchman's Bay, Maine

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Listen to the Bells

If you want to hear what I wake up to every Sunday morning, go here, scroll to the very bottom, and play this MP3: "The Bells In Taizé." Church bells are one of the sounds I'll miss the most if we ever move from Germany!

The Taizé song clips and prayers are definitely worth listening to as well--click on "Behüte mich, Gott" for a beautiful German hymn, and on "Seigneur, tu gardes mon âme" for another in French.


Ginger said...

How wonderful! One of our recent Theology alums who had been at Taize last fall recently hosted a Taize service on campus, which I attended. I would love to visit the real place and experience it.

And the bells are marvelous! Is your area quite observant? Most of Europe is so secular these days....

Africakid said...

Hi Ginger,

Quite a few people attend the Catholic and Protestant churches in our little town. I'm not sure how it is in villages around us.

I still want to go to a service at the Holy Ghost church in downtown Heidelberg. I've only attended concerts (and our son's baccalaureate!) there so far.

Betsy said...

This is the sound I missed most in those 3 years when we moved back to Michigan!!!

It took about a year after we moved back not to start shouting to S and B every time we heard it: "YOU HEAR THAT!? ISN'T IT BEAUTIFUL!!!" The village folk must have thought I was completely nuts... ;-)

Carmiña said...

Hello, and thank you for the link, I like so much the sounds of bells.