Frenchman's Bay, Maine

Frenchman's Bay, Maine

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Grand Rapids, Michigan--A Week From Now!

Things I’m planning to do while in Michigan:

*Watch our oldest child, Danielle, graduate from college (I keep kicking myself—is this the bald little ET-looking baby, all grown up?). Congrats, Dani!
*Walk through the nature preserve where our son David’s working over the summer.
*Take our kids out for Lebanese food, Tapas, and Mexican (in Grand Rapids, of all places).
*Buy items that are hard to find in Germany (ie,Cheese Fantastico, by special request) and bring them back in my suitcase.
*Visit Eerdmans discount bookstore at the publishing house.
*Take Jeff & Anna up and show them the lakefront—a bit different than our Oregon beaches.
*Go see Spiderman 3 and any other new movies on a big screen.
*Hug my parents multiple times (and don’t forget Kleenex when it’s time to say goodbye).


David said...

And check out my sweet new house...

Body Soul Spirit said...

Have a safe and wonderful trip! Saying goodbye to parents who live far away never gets easier :-(

Danielle said...

you cant buy cheese fantastico in MI, yet one of the many reasons why people should never be forced to endure more than four years here...:)

Beth said...

Have fun together! So close and yet so far from Oregon...Congratulations, Danielle! Love you!

Laura said...

HEY! We saw Spiderman 3 on at the Cinoplex in Mannheim last Sunday and were the only people in the theater. Was hysterical, but the good news is....they show movies in original English!!

Will have to tell you about it when you return.


Minnie said...

Hi Laurie,

Glad you're back in the U.S. even for just awhile. Are you still in Michigan?

Heartiest congratulations to Danielle! Now what are your plans after graduation?

Have a great time with your family there. Thanks.

Africakid said...

Ruth -- Thanks,we had a great trip! And yes, tough goodbyes.
Beth -- See you in Oregon in August, I can't wait...
Laura -- I'll have to check out the Cineplex, it's been too long!
Minnie -- Danielle plans to work in Germany until early 2008, then go somewhere in French-speaking Africa with the Peace Corps.