Frenchman's Bay, Maine

Frenchman's Bay, Maine

Monday, April 02, 2007

43 Things

About a year ago, I started a list of goals on 43 Things, and then promptly forgot about it. Until I came across Stephen Davies' blog, Voice in the Desert, where he listed his 43 things. So, thus prompted, here's my updated list of (so far only 31) things I'd like to accomplish someday.

1. Memorize Philippians
2. Walk & cycle regularly
3. Finish writing a mid-grade book
4. Eat more leafy greens and veggies
5. Take another art class
6. Improve my photography skills
7. See Josh Groban in concert
8. Make an amazing tiramisu
9. Learn Italian
10. Buy a laptop
11. Hike the Pacific Crest trail
12. Teach English in China
13. Visit Flannery O'Connor's birthplace
14. Publish a book of poetry
15. Adopt a Maine Coon cat
16. Learn herbal medicine
17. Follow Christ daily
18. Try indoor rock climbing
19. Kiss in the rain
20. Sleep in a treehouse
21. Plant a sensory (color, texture, fragrance) garden
22. Bake challah bread
23. Learn how to balance my checkbook
24. Be more hospitable
25. Write a graphic novel
26. Be there for my kids
27. Make my own website
28. Know about wines
29. Visit my great-grandparent's grave in China
30. Learn how to whittle
31. Be less defensive

Feel free to leave your own goals in the comments, as many or as few as you desire.


Steve said...

Great list, Laurie!

I would also like to learn to whittle / learn herbal medicine. If I ever achieve a couple of my 43, I'll add these!

By the way, thanks very much for your suggestion of for the eBay-like company in 'the Yellowcake Conspiracy'. The editor thought that was the best suggestion and we are going to include it in the book.


Holly said...

Interesting list, Laurie. I want to walk the distance of the circumference of the earth. I don't know if I can come up with 40+ things but I'm going to give it some thought and save for a future post.

Betsy said...

I enjoyed reading these! :-)

Africakid said...

Steve--You're welcome for the suggestion. I'm happy it worked out! And I still have to figure out,what are fainting goats?

Holly--Wow, how many miles/kms around the earth? That's quite a goal. Looking forward to seeing your future post.

Betsy--Part of my idea for posting these came from how much fun I had reading the list of "100 things" on your blog.

Holly said...

Laurie, around the equator is 24,900 miles. It would take a person 7 years if they walked 10 miles every day. I'm shooting for under 14 years :)

laura.thek said...

I LOVE this idea....will have to work on mine. I would steal most of yours as they sound like things I too would love to do. I am making Challah for Easter so......check one off the blog. ;)
Thanks for always supporting my efforts.

Have a wonderful Easter Laurie,

Carmiña said...

Hello Laurie,
It's a big list, i make every time a little list, i can't every thing and then i make another list...
You amazed me with your endless lists.

Africakid said...

Laura--Have a great Easter! Tell me how the challah turns out, I may steal your recipe.

Carmiña--Thanks for visiting. Just so you know, I make heaps of lists, but only check off a few items at a time...